2018/07/31The Technology of Agricultural Industrialization and Increasing Productivity.

Since 2014, Ministry of Economic Affairs’ (MOEA) Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) starts to promote the technology of agricultural industrialization. IDB has established the demonstrated place to help the disadvantaged to improve their process of agricultural products technologically and make their agricultural products become more valuable and competitive. In 2017, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) helps Changhua-Tai Chuan Food to apply new technology of agricultural process as also an example of demonstrated place. To follow with current government’s plan and policy, manufacturers can increase their productivity to develop high quality and safety products. According to the technology of agricultural industrialization, more and more manufacturers are willing to launch into agriculture business positively and manage their agricultural land effectively.

Deputy Director General of IDB-Mr. Cheng Wei Yu (The Third One from The Left)
Magistrate of Changhua County Government- Mr. Ming Ku Wei (The Forth One from The Left)
President of Changhua Tai Chuan Food- Mr. Fu Chuan Wu (The Second One from The Right) and all guests have taken photo at the launching ceremony of Changhua Tai Chuan Food (a demonstrated place of the cluster technology group).